Native American Vest and Headband

One piece of advice I would give anyone teaching children art is that to have successful projects you need to have a successful example.  I always make every project I teach before I teach it with the same materials and techniques so I can iron out any issues that may arise beforehand.  It also gives students an idea of how their project could look-however I stress to them that we are all different artists with different hands.  Picasso and Matisse made the same paintings for years-but each master artist made their paintings in their personal style.


I have taught this project to kindergarteners before.  It’s fun, easy, and cheap.  It ties in multiculturalism, symbolism, recycling, wearable art, social studies, and literature (if you read Native American folktales with the project).My students loved this project and Ben was very pleased with his vest and headband today. To start I took the handles off the Trader Joes shopping bag, cut straight up the center of the front of the bag and cut off the bottom of the bag.  Then I turned it inside out so it would be blank and drew circles where I wanted the arm holes to be.  I cut them out and added fringe.


I practiced writing Ben’s name with him in black Sharpie.  I’m hoping repetition will pay off and he will know how to write his name in a year or so.  This is a good for kindergarteners to practice writing their names and also for everyone to know who’s project belongs to whom.


I drew a turkey and Native American pictographs I remember on the back of the vest. Ben used the Sharpie and Crayola markers to draw and color on the back.  He practiced making glue dots and added feathers to his vest.


We used scraps to create a headband with feathers.  I can’t wait to see all the kiddos tomorrow with their vests and headbands-they’ll be so cute!


img_5865My Petite Picassos is an idea for a blog and playgroup several friends and family members requested when I decided to take time off from work to stay home with my two sons.  My vision for this venture is to share with readers arts and crafts ideas for children ages birth through 13 years old.  My posts will include DIY ideas for stay at home moms as well as arts and crafts lessons for homeschoolers, classroom teachers, and art educators.  Lessons will include National Arts Standards, DBAE (Discipline Based Art Education) components, Enduring Ideas (meaning making), and ties to cross curricular subjects.

A little background about me: I am a Nevada Licensed Art Educator for ages 0-18.  I taught in Clark County School District for 10 years at the elementary level and won Nevada Art Educator of the Year 2014.  I was the editor for Art Educators of Nevada’s Newsletter 2013-2015 and an artist in my own right.  I was represented by City of the World Gallery, Inc. in downtown Las Vegas’ Art District for 4 years.  I am currently a stay at home mom to two wonderful little boys: Ben 2 years and 5 months old and Adam 10 months old.

I will be posting on a weekly basis and look forward to reading your comments and insights.