Cheap and Fun Learning Toys for Travel

With our trip to Israel coming up I made a couple trips to the Dollar Tree and Target to pick up some inexpensive learning toys.   None of these toys cost more then five dollars!  They’re small and most of them have a variety of uses! These are perfect for a long trip like ours where will be on the plane for over 24 hours. away from our home and all of our toys for a month! The first thing I picked up at the Dollar Tree were these drawing boards that self-erase. Since they were only a dollar picked one up for both of my boys. They can draw over and over again without making a mess and without losing any pieces because the pencil is attached to the board.  They can practice writing letters, drawing shapes, and writing their names!

I picked up these flash cards at the Dollar Tree and Target to teach letters, shapes, numbers, and animals.  We can practice what sounds animals make, build sight words, and build letter/number recognition. The boys can count how many sides each shape has, how many corners each shape has, and we also got flashcards in Hebrew coming from Amazon! 
I got my three year old a dollar and coin set from target. He can start adding and recognizing numbers.

At Target they had these cute felt portfolios that carry six Crayons and 40 sheets of paper.  Of course I got one for each boy.

At Target they also had these dry erase blocks that the boys can draw and write on and then build towers out of!  We can also write numbers and letters, building words and names out of them.

These are lacing shapes that I found at the dollar tree. I want to get my three-year-old started with lacing and tying.

I got these Melissa and Doug Water Wow kits for our trip last year. The boys played with them all year long until they actually ripped them apart. They got so much use out of them that I did not mind springing for them even though they’re five dollars and a little bit on the more expensive side of the products I purchased. I got them in letters and numbers for the boys to trace their letters and numbers with, working on their letter/number recognition.

This is a one marker coloring book that shows up in different colors as the child colors with the marker.  This was also five dollars and this and the water wow, along with the next activity of a Melissa and Doug. You can find these products at Target or online. I’ve also purchased them at Gymboree in past years.  I’m going to include an affiliate link below to an eBay search for Melissa and Doug if you’re interested in purchasing these items for a very reasonable price.

This is the largest why I purchased, however it’s superthin and sturdy. I’m going to put it at the bottom of our carry-on. It’s a 3-D under the sea sticker pad with reusable stickers and 3-D glasses. I think it’s a really fun and cool hands-on science learning activity!

Fire trip to Israel also be taking some of the boys favorite small character toys like our Mickey Mouse that and some building blocks. However when we get there my husband’s family is great about providing the kids with lots of toys and year. It also helps that my in-laws live across the street from a huge playground!

I’ll be blogging from Israel as much as I can. I look forward to sharing our adventures there with you!

For Melissa and Doug On the Go products at a great discount check out this EBAY link here.

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