Ben Does Burning Man (Not Quite…)

Scott Cohen the founder of The Lifecube Experience has brought his Burning Man installation to Downtown Las Vegas twice. The Lifecube is a wooden cube that Cohen invites locals to decorate with art expressing their goals and dreams.  It combines installation, architecture, sculpture, graffiti, murals, and performance art.  It is more than just art, it is an experience to behold!

I have been lucky enough to participate in this experience twice -as an artist, mother, and art teacher. Four years ago my art club students made canvas paintings depicting their future goals.  I created a painting of Ben’s ultrasound with Hebrew prayers and wishes written by my husband on the back in Sharpie.  Ben was my dream come true as he was an IVF baby that we had long been praying for.

As the cube began to take form and artists and musicians took up camp in the space the cube became a hub for locals.  Yoga was being taught on the weekends in front of the cube, parents brought their children to do chalk drawing on the lot, and a fire pit for locals to socialize around emerged.  After the cube was completed and was full of dreams painted, drawn, and written all over it Cohen set the cube on fire to a large crowd.  This event was televised live.  There were live dancers and musicians performing to the crowd bringing a taste of Burning Man to downtown urban Las Vegas.


Last spring the Lifecube returned to Las Vegas while I was on maternity leave after having Adam.  The boys created a painting for the Lifecube and we visited it twice.  Ben played with hula hoops and chalk the first time on a quiet weekday afternoon as some neighborhood locals warmed themselves around the fire pit.   The second time we went the day of the burning.  There was a live DJ and Ben danced while drawing on the cube with oil pastel.  We dropped off our painting-Ben painted an abstract background and Adam made black footprints across the canvas.  Around the edge of the painting I wrote “Parents don’t dream their children will follow in their footsteps.  They dream they will go further.”

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