Art Teacher Tips for When the Kiln is a Disaster!


What do you do so when you open the kiln it doesn’t look like a grenade went off and destroyed all of your projects?

1. Do not hollow a closed ceramic object, that’s just asking for it.

2. If something is very thick create a hollow area that comes through one end of the clay object.

3. Let your green ware dry at least five, if not a week before firing.

4. Teach your students how to properly wedge, that means not pounding it into oblivion!

5. Set the first firing for one-two hours so to let the moisture out, the second for an hour, then let it run for the final firing.


What if you do have an explosion?

1. Get all the large pieces of pottery shards out with your hands and throw them out.

2. Have a custodian come in and vacuum out the remaining small pieces and dust. The dust is highly toxic.

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