Galaxy Homemade Slime

slimeOK if there was ever a pin for galaxy colored hands it should be with my hands in the photo! The other day I had to take Adam for his shots and I was so embarrassed after making this slime because my hands were blue, purple, and pink all over!  Now the slime did turn out really cool and it does stay nice and pliable in a airtight plastic container however the colors do mix up into a robin’s egg blue eventually.  To make the fluffy slime I used two regular bottles of Elmer’s Glue then I layered men’s shaving cream on top and added in contact solution.  I’m including photos and video below.




3 thoughts on “Galaxy Homemade Slime

  1. Karen says:

    This is going to be fun! I am not a mom but I’m an aunt. I get to make cool crafts with my little nieces and have none of the clean-up 😉

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