Edible Sensory Sorting Activity

sensoryTwo weeks ago I posted a Nature Sensory Activity I did with my babies.  I knew immediately after putting the muffin tin in front of Adam he would try to eat some of the natural objects I had included, so I thought “Why not do an edible sorting activity?” So here it is.  I chose 3 of his favorite snacks right now that are different sizes, textures, and colors.  I think next time I will aim to include a variety of shapes,  this time I made it a point that  that each food was a circle into the activity.


When I gave Adam the tray I talked to him about how these are  foods we eat that are all circle shapes.  “We have an orange circle.” We counted how many orange circles we had.  “These are yellow circles that come in sets of two.” We counted how many sets of bananas we had.  I talked with him about colors, shapes, and sizes.  As he started to eat the foods and move them around in the tin I asked him how the food felt in his hand.  Ofcourse, he couldn’t answer, so I taught him words that have to do with types of texture such as “smooth,” “creamy” and “rough.”

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Overall this activity was a hit and one that I plan to do again on a regular basis with him and his older brother.  We were able to categorize objects, count objects, describe their physical characteristics-which would be great to do with a toddler who is developing his speech like Ben.

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