Eight Posts for Hanukkah-No Sew Burlap Pocket Banner

This no sew banner is probably the project that took me the longest to plan.  At first I had thought to sew it with twine and a leather needle.  I figured out that I could make the pockets simply by flying some of my burlap cards shut, leaving the top open.  I used my hot glue gun and a thin line of glue to make the closure.

I painted the letters using stencils and a sponge brush.  I traced around them using my thin flat brush to do the outline in dark blue.  I taped off the edges before I did the border around each letter.

Once the paint was dry I pushed jump rings that were about half an inch in diameter through the corners of my burlap pockets. Then I strung and looped twine around each jump bring to string all the pockets together. I adjusted the amount of space by loosening the twine around jump ring and pushing the pockets close together and further apart as I worked.

I had to hang up the banner repeatedly to check that all of my pieces were evenly spaced.  The jump rings can move while I’m looping .  In the end I am pretty much overall pleased with this project. I look forward to filling the pockets with chocolate gold coins for my boys to eat every night of Hanukkah.

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